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Moist Heat MicroBeads™ - Back Wrap


Moist Heat Wraps & Pads use revolutionary moisture-retaining microbeads that are activated by heating in a microwave. Moist heat penetrates more quickly than dry heat to treat aches and pains. Moist Heat products do not require wires, batteries or added water. With proper care, they can be used indefinitely. Microbeads gather moisture from the air and release it as moist heat when activated by microwave heating, therefore the product has an endless supply of moisture.

The Moist Heat Back Wrap is designed with your comfort in mind. The large fluted pad easily wraps around the back and is held in position with a strap. 


  • Perfect size and shape for back treatments
  • Comes with adjustable belt to fit most sizes
  • Heats in microwave in less than 2 minutes
  • Can be reused indefinitely
  • Moist heat is renewable without added water
  • Microbeads™ are bacteria resistant unlike some products that use rice or grain
  • Moist heat penetrates tissues faster and more deeply than heating pads that rely on dry heat transfer
  • Moist heat provides rapid and deeply penetrating heat to injuries which may be beneficial to increasing blood flow and providing pain relief
  • Soothing moist heat can relief minor aches and pains including injury, joint pain and muscles aches


Q: Why Moist Heat Treatment?

A: It is known that water is a more effective conductor of heat than air.  Moist Heat Therapy increases blood flow to the area being treated, brings additional oxygen and provides relief from pain.  The application of Moist Heat is especially useful in treating muscle spasms from strain and tension.  It also reduces pain in non-acute injuries for example stiffness, arthritis pain, headaches, back or neck pain.  Moist Heat has been considered as a much superior heat therapy as it transfers the heat deeper and quicker into tissues than ordinary dry heat.

Q: What is MicroBeads™?

A: MicroBeads are especially  created and treated for microwave technology and is designed to give you professional heat therapy results.  MicroBeads is a revolutionary product which will give the user much needed Moist Heat Therapy for pain relief.

Q: Why MicroBeads™?

A: There are many forms of microwavable product in the marketplace including some gel and liquid based products and recently some “natural ingredient” based products like wheat and rice which can be heated in the microwave.  MicroBeads will not rupture, leak or eventually dry out.  MicroBeads have been designed from the start with microwave technology in mind.  With proper care MicroBeads will give you effective Heat Therapy repeatedly.

Q: How do I wash my MicroBeads Pack or Wrap?

A:  Do not wash you MicroBeads Pad or you Neck Wrap.  The surface of the pad may be cleaned using a mild cleanser and a damp cloth.  If MicroBeads receive an excessive amount of water, they will not function and produce Moist Heat.  If needed, you can also wrap MicroBeads in a towel etc, before use.

Q: How long should the therapy last with MicroBeads?

A: The usual recommended hot and cold therapy should be no more than 20 minutes at a time with 2 to 3 hours in between the each therapy.  By the end of the 20 minutes the muscles have relaxed to their maximum level and further application of heat although soothing will not be beneficial.

Where to Buy

Most of BeWell products are available via merchants in Ebay and Amazon. Search these sites by our brands. Most of our products will become available via retailers soon as well. We will soon be updating this information on this site. In the meantime, if you would like to purchase any of our products, please Contact Us or ring us on 229 890 1627 or email us  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


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